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Street Art : Urban invasion

Contemporary street art which consists in graffiti and murals in public places, street art has known for a few years a huge success in the art world. Galleries, museums and other arts venues are paying more and more attention to urban works.

I must say that street art has evolved considerably since its origin and catalog as a modern art form. There is a strong emerging artists animate the street art of their works. A real urban invasion increasingly tolerated even if it is still resisted in some countries, many artist, OS GEMEOS.

The followers of this urban art almost idolize the works of renowned graffiti artists. We proudly displays the works of each artist, precious by their ephemeral works. Many sites specialize in this art unfamiliar to the general public Streetart - map.com.

There is a list of the greatest muralists of the last generation and the rising stars of the movement.

A comprehensive gallery of works by each artist is also visible on the site and the name of the streets where they were made. If you 're lucky , you can admire the works on site, if they have not been removed or destroyed. Fortunately, the vast majority of works have tolerance of the authorities and remain exposed for all to see until its destruction by the rain and wind. Finally, to know a little more about street art, visit Stretart-map.com.