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Weekends are special at Maria Bingo

Bingo players used to spend Friday and Saturday nights at local parlors, where they could compete against their counterparts. The atmosphere was special and the idea of interacting with their peers on multiple levels encourage them not to make the transition to online gambling.

Maria Bingo changed all that by making it easy to play online and still talk to the other players, in an environment that brilliantly captures the very fragrance of traditional bingo rooms.

maria BingoFurthermore, it didn’t alienate players who prefer to play bingo exclusively during the weekends, by running special promotions dedicated to those who play on Friday and Saturday. The celebrations begin on Friday at 7 PM, when all those who log into their online accounts are eligible for a jackpot worth €50,000 or currency equivalent. The name of the game is Mega Jackpot promotion and it is self-explanatory, because the winners will receive a huge amount with a minimum investment.

The first tournament of the day has a guaranteed prize pool of €3000, which is nothing to shout for, but still enough to get players in the mood for playing bingo. As the evening progresses, the Friday Night Fever games begin and a tournament starts every 30 minutes, so even if you end up losing in the first tournament, you will have another chance half an hour later. This is how the adrenaline rush generated by a roller coaster of tournaments and it is impossible to get bored that Maria Bingo.

The €6,000 BingoLinx game presents players with another chance of striking gold, with the next tournament having a guaranteed prize pool of €16,000. There are different types of bingo in addition to the original title, so whether you enjoy Studio 60, Lucky break or the standard games, you will get your fix here. The only requirement is to spend a minimum of €30 buying bingo tickets, something that virtually anyone who is serious about playing the game can afford.

Saturdays are just as impressive and with the Extra Fill House prizes campaign in full swing, there will be dozens of opportunities to round up your bankroll. This promotion continues on Sunday and a tournament begins every two hours, so even those who have a busy schedule are very likely to find a breach in their program, so they can play their favorite game.

More information about Maria Bingo : http://en.1001bookmakers.com/bingo/online-site/reviews/maria-bingo