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Grosvenor Casino relies on SafeCharge for payments

Few online casinos currently operating in United Kingdom can brag about having the same reputation as Grosvenor Casino. sc logo

These guys are not only one of the biggest operators online, but also a company that has hundreds of land-based venues all over the British islands.

Some of its flagship casinos are by far the most luxurious in the country and this says a great deal about their commitment to excellence.
Speaking of which, since making the transition to online gambling, they made sure that the sensitive data of customers is properly handled.

The same attention is paid to transactions of all sorts and recently they signed a partnership with one of the best producer of software for payment options. SafeCharge’s Secure Payments Platform, Risk Management and PCI Descoping solutions are currently in use and those who have relied on it so far, have only good things to say about them.

The reason for why they opted for this package is that the payment platform is widely regarded as one of the safest in this line of work. Grosvenor Casino is going to benefit from the use of a proven technology and the software that is built by a company with tremendous industry expertise.

Customer experience is also expected to improve significantly, while the inherent costs will also diminish as a result of outsourcing the most expensive services.

When something sounds too good to be true it usually is, but in this case, there is nothing to worry about and the future looks particularly bright.

The online casino has always been concerned about enforcing the toughest fraud prevention rules and all of them are now processed live, which allows the risk team to intervene in real-time.

The odds of wrongdoers exploiting any weaknesses in the system has been reduced dramatically and the money of new and existing customers will be good use.

By utilizing this payment solution, customer experience will improve and the casino will benefit from a solid payment presence. SafeCharge has emerged as one of the most innovative technologies when it comes to mobile and online payments and it is routinely chosen as partner by casino group.

David Avgi, CEO, SafeCharge celebrated this new partnership and is confident that Grosvenor Casino and their players will be thrilled with the service they offer.