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Nyon draw reveals semifinals setup in European flagship competitions

After three intense days of football, some of the best teams in Europe prepared for the Nyon draw, which would decide their europaleaguopponents in the semifinals of the Champions League and Europa League.

These flagship competitions brought together top opponents and those who made it this far, were each secretly hoping for certain adversaries.

In the Champions League everyone hoped to play against Juventus in the semifinals, simply because the other two opponents were extremely tough.

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Real Madrid got lucky this time, or at least this is how things look at the moment, as they will be facing the Italians. Juventus will have home pitch advantage in the first leg and everything will be decided one week later in Madrid, with Real starting as favorite.

In the other semifinal, Barcelona will take on Bayern Munich in what looks like a coin flip, because anyone could advance to the finals. The Spanish side has home pitch advantage in the first round and needs to make the most of it, because winning on the road is going to be very difficult. The odds revolve around even value and it is very likely that the next week it will be the Germans to start as favorites.

It is anyone’s guess who will win the Europa League this season, but three teams stand out from the crowd, with Dnipro being the underdog. After eliminating one of the favorites in the quarterfinals, Napoli will be playing against Ukrainians and will compete in front of its fans in early May. They hope for a comprehensive victory, so that by the time they travel to Kiev for the second leg, they will already have a significant advantage.

The other semifinal is far more contested, with Sevilla and Fiorentina locking horns and the Spanish side has a narrow advantage over the Italians. They’re expected to win the first leg and are favorites to advance to the finals, as they have won the competition before on several occasions.

The problem is that they are far less effective on the road and unless they manage to win by at least two goals in Spain, anything could happen when the series shifts to Italy.

Bookmakers are constantly adjusting the odds depending on how punters wager, but a trend has emerged and the odds on favorites are dropping at a steady pace. Those who plan on betting on these teams, would be wise not to wait until kickoff, as opposed to bold punters who trust the underdogs to cause an upset.

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