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Compete for a pre-buy jackpot every day at Foxy Bingo

Foxy Bingo is taking things to the next level and anyone who wants to consolidate his or her bankroll over short period of time should participate.

The prize pool has been boosted from €5000-€10,000, so more money is up for grabs and the wagering requirements stay the same. Anyone can participate and there are no restrictive games, so as long as you make a real money deposit and purchased the bingo tickets, you will be automatically invoking

On a weekly basis, players will split €1000, so simple math reveals the fact that it will take exactly 10 weeks to extinguish the entire prize pool. This should have a two-pronged effect, on one hand providing players with the comfort they need, as they have enough time to get their share. At the same time, waiting for too long will only need that a significant portion of the potential profits will be lost and this is not the kind of thing that players want to see happening.

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Purchasing the lucky cards is just the first step and with bonus rounds being scheduled on a daily basis, players should make any plans starting at 9 PM. Depending on the day when you buy the bingo tickets you might have to spend more or less on these cards, with Monday’s being the least expensive. €5 is all you need to spend, while on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday the amount is doubled and Saturday tickets will set you back €20.

By far the most expensive raffle is the one taking place on Friday night, but then again there is a reason for why the card price costs €50. On this day alone, the prize pool will be increased by an additional €5000 which is awarded in the form of a jackpot. There is an indissoluble link between the amount you can win and the financial commitment you are expected to make, so players need to make an informed decision.

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Big Win Pre-Buy Jackpots play daily at 9pm and the daily €555 jackpot is scheduled at 8 PM, so you can participate in both draws. Assuming several people win the jackpot, this will be shared among them and everyone will receive an equal part of the prize pool.